EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and gravitational physics, such as goedesics plotting for Schwarzschild, Kerr and Kerr Newman space-time model, calculation of Schwarzschild radius, calculation of Event Horizon and Ergosphere for Kerr space-time. Symbolic Manipulations of various tensors like Metric, Riemann, Ricci and Christoffel Symbols is also possible using the library. EinsteinPy also features Hypersurface Embedding of Schwarzschild space-time, which will soon lead to modelling of Gravitational Lensing! It is released under the MIT license.

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Star Cluster Identifier

A team of 4 from IIT Mandi comrising of Shreyas Bapat Swapnil Sharma Indresh Kumar Gupta and Akash Dakoor bagged Bronze Medal in Inter-IIT Star-Cluster-Identifier Hackathon 2018. The problem involved data analysis and inference from dataset(s) for a globular star cluster comprising of coordinates, color index (for different wavelengths) and magnitude of every star in the cluster. The task involved using the datasets appropriately to analyze the globular cluster to determine some parameters and peculiarities of the same.

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MiraPy is a Python package for Deep Learning in Astronomy. It is built using Keras for developing ML models to run on CPU and GPU seamlessly. The aim is to make applying machine learning techniques on astronomical data easy for astronomers, researchers and students. MiraPy is developed by Swapnil Sharma and Akhil Singhal as their final year 'Major Technical Project' under the guidance of Dr. Arnav Bhavsar at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi.

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