Competitions in Zenith '18

STAC presents the first ever edition of its AstroFest, Zenith! Zenith is a week-long fest, from 14 to 20 September with exciting events, talks and prizes to keep you engaged throughout the week. The competitions to be held in Zenith are given below:


A Paper Presentation event for participants to take any pre-established idea or concept and present it to the audience.

Astro HackWeek

A week-long Hackathon with no theme designed to encourage participants to pursue whatever ideas are most exciting!

Pandora's Box

A written quiz focussing on Astronomy while also delving into topics like Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Schedule of Events

Day 1 Talk: Special Relativity and Geometry in Physics Bhavya Bhatt
Day 2 Talk: Fermi Paradox Prof. Arnav Bhavsar
Day 3 Aurora Ananya Shukla, Manpreet Singh
Day 4 Talk: Gamma Ray Bursts! Or.. Whatever Shreyas Bapat
Day 5 Pandora's Box Akshita Jain, Anuradha Meena
Day 6 All Day Hacking! Akshat Malviya, Tanmay Rustagi
Day 7 Distribution of prizes and certificates to the winners
Let's show the world who's best! Let's do it under the Zenith!